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Might want to change the description a bit. It currently states that True Sword will do harm to your computer and break your privacy.

Guiseppe Madre , 24.03.2012, 09:55
Idea status: under consideration


Daniel Wood, 24.03.2012, 13:52
It says: True Sword protects your computer against malicious programs, doing harm to your computer and breaking your privacy.
Anbu, 24.03.2012, 15:03
They said its against doing harm to your computer and breaking your privacy.
shocker1215, 24.03.2012, 16:04
If you read it again it states that it will protect against those things that will do you pc harm, not that it will do it harm.
Jamie, 24.03.2012, 16:51
Learn how to read. The description is fine, there is a coma not a period where it states it protects your computer from these things.
Alex, 24.03.2012, 23:28
Actually, the original poster is correct. The phrase that comes after the comma "doing harm to your computer and breaking your privacy" does not refer to "malicious programs" that immediately precedes it. Rather, it describes how it protects. The comma should either be removed or replaced with "from" to make the sentence read the way it was intended.
Alex, 27.03.2012, 19:57
Instead of just adding or removing a word or comma, I'd rewrite the end of the sentence so it reads "malicious programs that can harm your computer and invade your privacy."

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